Booking the photostroll \ Réservation 

The photo strolls can be booked throughout the year, any day of the week (subject to availability)

I advice to proceed with the booking in advance to be sure that I can accomodate your travel schedule.

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After the booking:


  • If you have any questions, or need an assistance, you can message me any time through the contact form or write straight to my email

  • Browse through my Smart City Blog for the ideas on how to spend quality time in the city

  • Sign up to Photostroll-Spb pages at Facebook, Pinterest or Vkontakte (Russian social network) to get the insight into our life style and customs and to be informed of all the cool events in Saint Petersburg

What to expect after the photostroll:


  • You'll receive your photos  within 2 weeks (during high season within 3 weeks)- I will send you the link to a cloud storage for download, it's very easy!

  • If agreed in advance I also design and print a photo travel journal (photobook) with the pictures from our tour.

    Custom-made photo journal is usually designed and sent to you within 1 month after the payment is received. I will send the preview of the book to your email before submitting it to the printing house. You can pay for the photobook on the day of the tour with cash or do it later via PayPal. Price of the book depends on the pages count and book cover material (soft, hard, leather) - we will discuss all the options during the tour booking procedure and after the tour. The travel journal can be printed in one of the publishing houses local to you and delivered to your via express mail. 

  • When you receive the pictures, please write a feedback e-mail, I'm eager to hear your opinion and thoughts on the tour and photographs received.